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My name is Alexander Pöschl

I am a Game Developer and Game Designer.

Everything that is related to gaming and the virtual world is my passion. It is my dream to develop new games that are enjoyable for everyone.

My goal

What I want...

I am a Game Designer

(Mechanic/Level/Experience Designer) a Game Developer and a UX Designer. 

Designing new levels for a game or prototype new games. Focus on making unique experiences and how the application feels.


I am a Unity Developer and program different applications in C#. Furthermore, I have experience with Unreal Engine as well.

I enjoy the blend of technical expertise and game design involved in different Projects,

Project Overview


The game Cryptic is a 2.5D co-op Metroidvania Souls-like game, in which two players with different characters and skills explore a temple together and both solve puzzles and defeat enemies.



Screwdropper is a VR Single Player adventure game. The environment and the story that it tells, combined with the objectives, creates an immersive experience for the players.



In this game 4 players compete against each other to dig up the most coins. Whoever has collected the most coins after 5 minutes wins. To collect: diamonds, moneybags, crystals, etc.

This was a 3-Week Game Jame and my first game in the Unreal Engine.



A first person multiplayer game in which you have to shoot your opponent out of the sky. If you fall out of the map, you lose. Destroy or build on top of the enviorement to survive.


VR Frag Map

VR Frag is like a mix of CS:GO, VR and Paintball. Equipped with VR glasses, you can move freely on a huge indoor play area and play a Counter Strike-like match with your friends.



This is a solo-developed VR Puzzle Game. It is an escape the room game where the player have to find the exit in order to finish the game.

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